1. a batch of goods destined for or delivered to someone.
    “a consignment of beef”
    synonyms: deliveryshipmentloadcontainerloadshiploadboatloadlorryloadtruckloadcargo;More

    • the action of consigning or delivering something.
    • US
      agreement to pay a supplier of goods after the goods are sold.
      “new and used children’s clothing on consignment
We have a unique business that sets us apart from all other consignment businesses. At Pathway we work with Seniors to help them move and downsize. We do everything from sorting and organizing to moving and staging their new home. The great extra we can offer our clients is being able to sell the furniture and home pieces they can’t take with them. Not only can they rest easy knowing their belongings are going to a good home but they also get excited seeing them showcased in our store front!

And even better you get to give these great pieces a new home!